Mechanisms and Strategies for unpredictable Dementia- Lost Love, Financial Ruin.

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World Health suggests Epidemic in Dementia as over 55 million cases plus are diagnosed with no cure, no medications, no good outcome

Los Angeles, California Nov 8, 2023 ( - 'The Wake Up Call: A Memoir on Dementia's Harsh Reality of Lost Love and Financial Ruin'

The book everyone is describing as raw, real, and relevant in today's new DEMENTIA epidemic. Cynthia D Kline has released her new real-life story of caring for her fiancé, who lost his life five months after being diagnosed with Rapid Declining Dementia.

Dementia is now a recognized outbreak globally, and daily findings indicate it's a growing epidemic. 

It is probably the only real story on DEMENTIA  as told in the narrative. It's a soon-to-be-made movie.

 The World Health Organization cites more than 55 million people around the world are living with and diagnosed with Dementia, with no cure, no medications, and no hope. There is likely another 5 million undiagnosed.

More than 11 million people are serving as unpaid caregivers in the USA alone, with most as loved ones helping round the clock.

The book is a blueprint giving her readers a true, raw, unfiltered look, ups and downs, many helpful stats, and tips, among dark moments with a few hilarious observations.

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Kline's book is trending on Amazon in the top 100 books in the " Aging Medical Conditions and Diseases" category. So far readers of the book have given perfect 5-star reviews, with one sharing," Cynthia's story of all the terrible things that could and did happen is something we need to know beforehand when affected by someone close with dementia. The way it is written drew me in and didn't let go."

This is an empowering plan for how to cope and handle those ups and downs that do occur and will affect the caregiver for the rest of their life. This is heartfelt and powerful as a resource story, and a book that needs to be passed around for others in this position.

You'll laugh, cry, and learn a lot about  Rapid Decline Dementia, as Cynthia navigates the reader thru, as a  Fiancé and Caregiver- a role many of us will be in at some point.

'The Wake Up Call: A Memoir on Dementia' - Harsh Reality through Love and Loss is available via book retailers including Amazon, Kindle, and Goodreads.



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