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Birmingham, Alabama Jan 31, 2024 ( - The Roderick Van Daniel Law Firm, LLC is based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Our firm aims to ensure that no United States of America citizen suffers from this form of injustice and to never be silent. We are dedicated to providing exceptional representation in these cases, tailored with innovative strategies built on the foundation of constitutional law.  

In the early 1990s, police officers chased Rodney King; this chase in Los Angeles ended in an incident that would be one of the most dramatic police brutality cases that citizens of the United States have seen with video footage at that time.  Not one person who viewed that beating will ever lose sight of that vicious attack on an unarmed citizen. Police misconduct, transparency and accountability from the leaders in our community who are elected officials continue to let our citizens face this significant problem and injustice even in the year 2024. 

In the state of Alabama, cases similar to Rodney King, George Floyd, and Tyrie Nichols; citizens such as Marvin Long, Jerry Minor, Demarcus Key, Jawan Dallas, Pastor Jennings, and many more have faced police brutality. Dogs are being used to attack citizens when innocent. Citizens cannot even water their neighbors plants without being harassed and illegally arrested. Off duty and on duty officers conspired together to get another citizen arrested when the off-duty police officer assaulted the unarmed citizen.

It is time for a change and for the citizens to stand up and fight for their rights against this form of injustice. One of our clients at The Roderick Van Daniel Law Firm, LLC, Marvin Long has stood up against excessive force in Sheffield, Alabama.

In the state of Michigan, citizens such as Stephen Ruis Romero, William Owens, and Thurman King; and many more citizens have suffered from excessive force and illegal arrests from law enforcement officers. Police officers are pulling people over on false allegations such as running a stop sign when video footage shows otherwise. Officers driving negligently injuring citizens but do not want to be held accountable for the injuries. Actually, killing a citizen when he is on the ground listening to the officers command.

Police misconduct and police brutality hinder good law enforcement. Some reforms do work, and some types of abuse have been reduced. However, the citizens must continue to fight for their rights effectively against police abuse and have realistic expectations. A complaint or inquiry can start an examination of this wrongdoing. We have to bring these forms of injustice to the light of the media, the public, and the elected political officials in your local, state, and national communities.

Today is the day we must stand up against this form of injustice and you have to fight for your rights as a United States of America citizen, said Attorney Dr. Roderick Van Daniel (licensed in Alabama and Michigan). Demarcus Key is another one of our clients fighting for justice against police brutality, police misconduct, and the policy and procedures of the Florence Police Department and Sheffield Police Department in Alabama.

If you believe you have been the victim of police abuse or misconduct and would like to take action, some of the possible options are

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  • Pursue your case formally through the municipal, superior, or federal court systems (normally an attorney is necessary).
  • File a complaint with the law enforcement agency involved (addresses and phone numbers are in the phone book). Your complaint should be made in writing by sending a letter to the chief of police or the head of the law enforcement agency involved. Your complaint does not need to be submitted on police department forms a letter will suffice. The letter should specify what your complaint involves (e.g., false arrest, excessive force, improper procedures, etc.) A copy should be sent to the Internal Affairs Division of the law enforcement agency. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself.
  • Take the law enforcement officer(s) to federal court claims court to recover damages you have suffered.

You may want to try one or more of these options to vindicate your rights. An attorney can help you decide among these options by explaining what is involved with each, and we urge you to consult one before proceeding. If you decide to pursue your claim, you must take action quickly because the law imposes severe time limits. If you do not comply with those time limits, you will lose your right to take any action. Once again, an attorney experienced in this area of law can advise you regarding the time limits and your rights with respect to them.

The Roderick Van Daniel Law Firm, LLC is offering free initial consultation for those who believe they have been affected. Interested parties can reach out at (205) 317-9321 or via email at [email protected]. Website information: The Roderick Van Daniel Law Firm (

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